Thank you for choosing Brass Monkeigh® Apps, an independent developer of video game reference & strategy guides for the iPhone and iPod touch mobile platforms.

With our line of Ultimate Utility applications, you can bring your gaming experience to an entirely new level! Our goal is to empower you as a player with superior information and knowledge so you can be prepared to face any online opponent. Whether you play Xbox 360, PS3 or PC, there is an Ultimate Utility to fit your needs and your budget.

For all games that Brass Monkeigh® Apps supports, we aim to develop a complete line of Ultimate Utility Apps to accomodate anyone from the novice to the advanced gamer.

You are encouraged to test out our apps for free by downloading the Ultimate Utility lite version.

If you are looking for an in depth reference guide to gain a little more insight into the game, or to improve your play, we recommend the standard version of Ultimate Utility.

Should you be an advanced gamer looking for that extra edge in online multiplayer, the Pro version of our Ultimate Utilities is likely what you are looking for. The Ultimate Utility Pro version contains in depth analysis and advanced tools to help you take on all weekend warriors.

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